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Adding a style

Now you'll create a new element-based style to alter the way the hypertext links appear throughout this document, removing the standard HTML underline, changing the color, and applying a boldface font. The standard HTML tags for formatting hypertext links are <a></a>. Whenever you create a hypertext link using the link command, GoLive automatically writes the source code for you, tagging the element with <a></a>.

To add a new style to the style sheet, click the Create New Element Style button () at the bottom of the CSS Editor window. A new item labeled “element” appears in the CSS Editor window under the Internal folder.

Click the Selector and Properties button in the CSS Editor, and name the style a to match the HTML link element. Press Enter or Return.

Whenever you create an element style, the element names must match those of the HTML code. Style definitions don't use brackets, so don't include them as part of the name. The table “Common HTML elements” on page 410 lists common HTML elements and describes the GoLive commands used to apply them.

Click the Font Properties button () in the CSS Editor.

In the Decoration options, select No Text Decoration to remove the underline beneath hypertext. Notice that the underlines are removed from the existing links in the document. You may have to scroll down the page to see the links “Benjamin Lucas” and “TW Tarwater.”

Now you'll change the color of the hypertext font.

Choose a color from the Color menu and a weight from the Weight menu. (We chose Olive and a Bolder weight.)

GoLive features numerous ways to change the color of links. However, when you use an element-based style to change the appearance of hypertext, you can then update all links on your site globally simply by editing the style. Later in this lesson, you'll use a similar technique to update the page's background color.


In Windows, to delete an element or class style from a style sheet, select the item in the CSS Editor window, and choose Edit > Delete.

Make the index.html document window active.

Choose File > Save to save the index.html document. Saving this document also saves the internal style sheet.

Close the document.



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