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Lesson 7. Working with Frames > Creating a return link to the home page

Creating a return link to the home page

You are going to target the Welcome link on this page to the home page. This will allow viewers to return to the home page at any time, and from anywhere in your site.

Select the text Welcome in nav.html.

In the site window, make sure that index.html is visible.

In the Text Inspector, click the Create Link button, and then use the pick whip button to create a link to index.html.

This time in the Text tab of the Table Inspector, choose _parent from the Target pop-up menu.

The _parent option specifies the browser window as the target and causes the browser to change the content of the entire window. The browser will replace the frame set with one pane that shows the home page; it will no longer display the navigation bar or banner.

The other two links have already been done for you.

Save and close the nav.html file.

In the file frameset.html, click the Frame Editor tab to return to the Frame Editor, and make sure the frame set is selected and not one of the frames inside of it. (Select the frame set by clicking any of its horizontal or vertical dividers.) Then click the Preview in browser button in the Document Toolbar. The file frameset.html appears in the Web browser that you specified in the GoLive Preferences dialog box.

Click each of the links in the Contents pane (select the Welcome link last). The linked pages appear in the main pane.


Some pages open in separate windows rather than in the frameset. Later in the lesson, in the section “Adding an action to always load the frame set” on page 285, you'll fix this so that all pages open in the required frameset.

Notice that when you click the Welcome link, the site's home page fills the entire browser window. This shows the effect of setting the link's target to _parent. However, you will also notice that nothing happens when you click Enter. You'll fix this link next.

Close your browser.



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