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Lesson 5. Creating Navigational Links > Creating hotspots on an image map

Creating hotspots on an image map

You'll use the Guitar image to show specific repairs that guitars might need. First you'll create hotspots for the types of repairs on the guitar. Then you'll create links from the hotspots to information on repair stores.

In the Basic tab of the Image Inspector, type Repair map in the Alt Text box. This is the alternative text that appears if a browser can't display the image.

Click the More tab of the Image Inspector. Then select the Use Map option. This option lets you add an image map to an image, and activates the map tools on the toolbar.

You use the map tools to create an image map. The map tools include drawing tools for creating the hotspots of an image map.

In the Name text box, enter a name for the map, with the suffix .map. (We named the map guitar.map.)

Selecting Use Map option

Click the Polygonal Map-area Tool () on the Main Toolbar.

A. Select Region button B. Region creation tools C. Frame Regions button D. Select Color button

You'll use the Polygonal Map-area Tool to define an area that encompasses the neck of the guitar.

Click several times in sequence to draw a shape that encloses the guitar neck—this irregular shape will serve as the hotspot. Clicks after the second click define the shape. Be careful not to click outside the image (especially at the top right corner.) You will be able to reshape the polygon after you finish drawing it. When you have defined the hotspot, click the Select Map-area Tool () to deselect the Polygonal Map-area Tool.

You can move the area you have defined. Click in the area you have defined to select it, and drag to the desired position. You can resize or change the shape of the area by selecting any of the points that define the area and dragging. If you don't like the area you have defined, simply select it, choose Edit > Delete or Clear, and start over.

Select the polygon tool and click around the guitar neck to define a shape.

Click the Circular Map-area Tool () on the Main Toolbar. In the document window, drag a circular hot spot over the guitar body that overlaps the first hotspot that you created.

Overlapping polygon and circular hotspots



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