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Lesson 12. Managing Web Sites > Importing an existing site into GoLive

Importing an existing site into GoLive

You will now work with the files in the Start folder, which contains a site called gage, which was created in another application. Your first task is to import the site into GoLive. You will import the site as a single user.

Choose File > New Site.

In the GoLive Site Wizard, select Single User, and click Next.

Select Import from Folder, and click Next.

Click the top Browse button and navigate to the Lessons/Lesson12/12Start folder. Select the gage folder. This is the Web site that you will import into GoLive.

Click OK (Windows) or Choose (Mac OS). The path to the folder is entered into the top text box of the dialog box.

Importing a site using the Import from Folder option in the Site Wizard

Because the site already has an index.html page, GoLive recognizes this as the home page and automatically enters it into the bottom text box. If the index.html page were missing, you would need to browse for the site's home page.

Click Next, and click Browse to select a location for the imported folder.

In the Choose a Location for the GoLive Site Document dialog box, name the file gage.site and save it in the 12Start folder. (Be careful not to save it in the 12End folder.)

Click Finish to finish the import process.

The Web site is imported into GoLive, showing all its folders, files, and other site objects.

For information on creating a Web site from scratch in GoLive, see Lesson 3, “Designing Web Pages.”



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