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Lesson 12. Managing Web Sites > Cleaning up a site

Cleaning up a site

Your site now has a file that you don't want (logo.gif), and a file referenced by your site that is not in the site folder (newlogo.gif). The latter is an orphan file; it appears in the Errors tab in the site window. You'll import the newlogo.gif file into your site using the Clean Up Site dialog box. At the same time, you'll remove logo.gif and any other unused files and non-file objects, such as URLs and e-mail addresses.

Choose Site > Clean Up Site.

In the Clean Up Site dialog box check all options in the Add Used section. Click OK to copy the newlogo.gif file to the NewFiles folder.

In the Cleanup Site dialog box, click OK to accept referenced files to be copied into the site folder.

A list of all the files that need to be updated then appears in the Copy Files dialog box.

In the Copy Files dialog box, click OK to update the listed files.

Using GoLive to clean up the site


Cleaning up the site rescans the whole site and updates it; it also updates the files on your desktop.

In the Errors tab of the site window, notice that the orphan file error has been resolved. GoLive has moved the orphan file (newlogo.gif) into the NewFiles folder in the Files tab of the site window.

Select newlogo.gif and move it from the NewFiles folder into the images folder, and update the links to it.

Remove the empty NewFiles folder by selecting it and clicking the Delete Selected Item button () on the Main Toolbar.

Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the folder.

Save your site.

The last step is to upload your site to a Web server, so the world can enjoy your work. Because this requires certain hardware and software not included with the GoLive CS package, you can try this on your own.



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