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Managing sites

Now you'll examine the correspondence between the contents of the GoLive site window and the contents of your hard drive in more detail and see how important it is to work in the site window.

Double click the matchbox.site project file to open the site window in GoLive. Be sure the Files tab is selected.

The files and folders you see listed in the Files tab in the site window are the same files and folders that are in the site's web-content folder on the hard disk. When you move a file, rename it, add a page, or create a new folder in the Files tab, GoLive automatically makes the change in the site's web-content folder and updates all link references in the site.

Now you'll test the value of always working in the site window.

In the Files tab of the matchbook site window, click the plus sign or triangle next to the pages folder to show its contents, and select the file features.html. Rename the file advantages.html and press Enter or Return.

Because changing the name of a file would normally break the links from any pages that were connected to it under its old name, GoLive displays a dialog box that lets you update all the links affected by the name change.

Click OK, and GoLive will automatically update necessary links.

This simple name change gives you a glimpse of the powerful management capabilities of the site window in GoLive.

Minimize the GoLive window, and use Windows Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac OS) to see that the file is renamed on your hard drive within a few seconds. GoLive has automatically updated the files on your hard drive based on the change you made in the site window.

Using Windows Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac OS), select the file advantages.html (in Lessons/Lesson01/matchbox/web-content/pages/). Rename the file features.html. Press Enter or Return. Notice that the file is not renamed in the Files tab of the GoLive site window.

GoLive does not automatically manage changes made outside the site window. You can synchronize the file naming to update the site window, however any links to the file will be broken.

Click inside the matchbox site window to activate it. Then click the Refresh view button () on the GoLive Main Toolbar. GoLive updates your site project file. You will notice a red bug icon next to index.html. Because you changed the file name outside of the site window GoLive was not able to update the link.

Although synchronizing your site project file with the files on your hard drive is easy, it is always better to work from the site window to avoid broken links. To better understand the site management capabilities of GoLive, be sure to work through Lesson 12, “Managing Web Sites.”

Close any open files in GoLive, and exit or quit GoLive.

GoLive has a rich palette of tools, and this lesson has only given you a taste of some of the more commonly used ones. As you work through the subsequent lessons, you'll look at some of the tasks you have already accomplished in more detail and you'll learn about new features. When you are finished working through this book, you should have the confidence to find the GoLive tools and workflow that best fit your needs.



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