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Lesson 1. Developing Web Sites with Adob... > Comparing the files on your desktop ...

Comparing the files on your desktop with the site files

Now that you've created a site and previewed it, you can see how the files in your site window relate to the files on your hard drive.

On your desktop, look at the structure GoLive created for your site. Use Windows Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac OS) to open the Lesson01 folder or the folder where you saved the site you just created.

When you create a site using the Site Wizard, GoLive creates a site project file and three additional folders—the site's web-content folder, the web-data folder, and the web-settings folder. GoLive also offers you the option of creating a project folder that makes it easier to keep your site project file and related folders together. Matchbox is the name of the project folder.

Open the matchbox folder in Lessons/Lesson01/ to view the site project file and the three related folders.

  • matchbox.site is your site project file. This site project file is a special GoLive document that opens up the GoLive site window to display an exact replica of the files and folder structure on your desktop. The site project file is used by GoLive to record the structure of your site and manage the contents of the site. This file is not uploaded to a Web server as part of the Web site.

  • The web-content folder holds the Web pages and media files that make up your site. Every time you create a new site, GoLive automatically adds a blank home page, whose filename is index.html, in the Files tab. When you upload your site to a Web server, you upload the contents of this root folder.

  • The web-data folder holds all of the reusable site design elements and site asset files. The folder contains the Components, Diagrams, InDesign Packages, Queries, SiteTrash, SmartObjects, Snippets, Stationery, and Templates folders. Elements stored in these folders are used in building and maintaining your site, but they need not be uploaded as part of the site.

  • The web-settings holds automatically generated information about your site's settings. These are XML files that GoLive uses to transfer information about your site's project file settings.



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