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Lesson 5. Creating Navigational Links > Finding and fixing broken links

Finding and fixing broken links

In this final exercise, you'll fix the two broken links in the navbar.html file, the component that is used in the index.html page. By default, broken links appear outlined in red in the document window and in the Inspector URL text box.

Double-click the navbar.html file in the Extras tab of the site window.

Click the Layout tab () of the navbar.html file to display it in Layout Editor.

To activate the display of link warnings, click the link warnings button () on the Main Toolbar, or choose View > Link Warnings.

Images with broken links appear with a border in the color that you set in the previous section for the link warnings.

Select the Repairs image in the navbar.html document window.

Click the Link tab of the Inspector. Notice that the link appears broken, as indicated by the (empty reference!) text.

Broken link

Link tab of Image Inspector

In the Link tab of the Inspector, fix the link by dragging from the pick whip button to the correct file, repairs.html, inside the pages folder in the site window. The Link Warning border will disappear after you complete the link to repair.html.

Repeat steps 4 through 6 to link the Appraisals image to the appraise.html file.

Choose File > Save to save the navbar.html file. When prompted to update the file, click OK and OK again to close the Updating Component window.

Updating component

Close the navbar.html file.



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