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Linking from images

In addition to linking from text, you can also link from a graphic. Now you'll link the buttons you created on the index.html page to the features.html and questions.html pages.

In the Layout view of index.html, select the Features image (features.gif) at the bottom left of the page.

The Inspector changes to the Image Inspector.

Click the Link tab in the Image Inspector, and click the Create Link button ().

Drag from the pick whip button () in the Link tab of the Image Inspector to the Features page, features.html, in the pages folder in the site window. If the features.html file isn't visible, position the pointer over the icon to the left of the pages folder until the folder opens, and then drag to select the file.

Notice that the link you make on the Basic tab of the Inspector is to an image or graphic that appears on the page, whereas the link you make on the Link tab is a navigational link. You'll learn more about links, including setting e-mail links, in Lesson 6, “Creating Navigational Links.”

Select the Questions image (questions.gif) at the bottom right of the index.html page. Create a link using the same steps that you used for the Features image, but this time link the Questions image to the Questions page, questions.html, in the pages folder of the site window.

Choose File > Save.

If you wish, you can repeat these steps to link the navigation images on the features.html page and the questions.html page. In each case, the main.gif image links to the home page, index.html.

You're now ready to test your links in the browser.

Click the Preview in browser button () () on the toolbar to preview your page in the browser you selected in the GoLive preferences.

You can also preview your site by starting a Web browser outside of GoLive.


If you don't have enough memory to run the browser and GoLive at the same time, exit or quit GoLive. Launch your browser, and locate and open the index.html file in Lessons/Lesson01/matchbox/web-content/.

Test the links you have created. If you created links only on the home page, index.html, you'll need to use the Back button on your browser to return to the home page as you test the links.

When you are finished, close your browser. Close any files open in GoLive and minimize the GoLive window.



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