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Lesson 5. Creating Navigational Links > Changing a link's color and highlight

Changing a link's color and highlight

Now that you've created some links, you'll see how easy it is to change their color. You'll use the Page Inspector to change a link's color and highlight.

Open stock.html from the Files tab of the site window and, with the Layout tab selected, click the Page icon () in the upper right corner of the stock.html document window. The Inspector changes to the Page Inspector.

Clicking Page icon to display Page Inspector

Choose Window > Color to display the Color palette, or click the Color tab if the palette is collapsed.

Click the Link color field in the Inspector.

In the Color palette, select another color by entering a value in the hex value field (we used 006600). Press Enter or Return. You can also select another color by selecting the Swatches palette and clicking on a color of your choice.

The color that you choose should provide enough contrast between the page's background and text color so that it stands out, but not so much that it's distracting to the viewer. As you try different colors, you can view the effect on the links at the bottom of the stock.html page.

Clicking Link color field

Selecting color from Color palette

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Active Link and Visited Link color fields, selecting each field in turn. (We used 6600FF for Active Link and FF3300 for Visited Link.)

When selecting a color for visited links, it's helpful to viewers to pick a color that's opposite the link color on the color wheel. So, for example, if the link color is red, you could use green for the visited link color.

Choose File > Save to save your work.

To preview the link color and how it changes when the link is clicked, click the Preview in browser button in the toolbar. The document appears in your Web browser.

In the browser, scroll to the end of the document, and click the Appraisals link to test it. Notice how the color changes when you click the link (the active link color) and after you've clicked it (the visited link color).


Depending on how they've set browser preferences, some visitors may not see the link colors that you've set.

When you've finished testing the links, exit or quit your browser, and return to GoLive.



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