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Lesson 13. Creating Design Diagrams > Labeling the diagram levels

Labeling the diagram levels

Now that your design is almost finished, you'll add Level objects—brackets with optional text labels—that you can use to indicate the hierarchy of objects in your design diagram. You can place a bracket anywhere in the design diagram, and you can resize the bracket to include all the objects at a particular level.

Drag a Level icon from the Diagram set () of the Objects palette to the design diagram. Position the bracket by dragging it to the left of the Main Page, and resize the bracket by dragging any of its handles. You may find it easier to position the level labels if you change the view of the page using the magnification menu.

In the Level tab of the Level Inspector, enter Level 1 in the text box. Click the Align Center bracket button, and click the Align Center text button.

You'll add four more level brackets to the design diagram, positioning the brackets to correspond to each of the next four levels of the site hierarchy.


Because you selected the Collision Avoidance option in the Grid tab of the View palette, the Level bracket adjusts objects on the page to make room where needed. As a result, you may need to realign objects on your page.

Add a Level 2 bracket for the row of Travel and Customer Service pages. Add a Level 3 bracket for the row of Tours, Cruise, Adventures, Ordering, FAQs, and About Us pages. Add a Level 4 bracket for the Profile and Press Release pages directly below. Add a Level 5 bracket for the Secure Order, Jan 02, and Feb 02 Press Releases. If you need guidance on the positioning of the level brackets, refer to the GaiaQuest_design_01 file in the Design tab of the site window.

To align the Level brackets, click to select one and Ctrl-click (Windows) or Shift-click (Mac OS) to add the others to the selection.

Choose Window > Align to open the Align palette, and then click the Align Left button under Align to Parent to align the brackets to the left. Choose Window > Align to close the Align palette when you are finished.

You have one more note to add at Level 4. Because this is a note about missing material rather than a comment for review, you'll add it in a box so that it is visible all the time.

From the Diagram set of the Objects palette, drag a Box icon to the right of the Level 4 bracket.

Click in the box to create an insertion point, and enter the following text directly in the box:

Need to add templates for content from database for Tours, Cruises, and Adventures... . -dm

Select the box and resize it by dragging one of the handles.

You can also enter text in the Text box of the Box Inspector.

Choose File > Save.

Your design diagram is finished. Now you need to present it for review.



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