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Lesson 9. Using Actions and JavaScript > Copying graphics with actions attached

Copying graphics with actions attached

Instead of doing all these steps for each company, you can easily duplicate the More Info button that you just created for ACME for use elsewhere and change attributes as necessary. Here you'll copy the More Info button and modify it for the next company listed.

Ctrl-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) to drag a copy of the More Info image to the last cell in the FOOZ row.

Dragging More Info image

Make sure that the copy of the image you just created is selected. In the Actions tab of the Rollovers & Actions palette, all the actions will remain the same, except the final ShowHide.

Select the ShowHide action.

Change the Layers palette that reads ACMEInfo to FOOZInfo. Remember that ACMEInfo and FOOZInfo are the names of the two More Info layers. This will now display the proper information for the row.

Choosing FOOZInfo from pop-up menu

Choose File > Save.

Click the Preview in browser button in the upper right of the toolbar. The document appears in the Web browser that you specified in the GoLive Preferences dialog box. At this point in the lesson you can open the More Info box to reveal stock information, but you can't close it. (Your window may scroll left, but the information is still displayed.) You'll add that action in the next section.

Close your browser.



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