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Adding a QuickTime movie

You can place any multimedia element that Web browsers support into a Web page you are creating with GoLive. Here you'll add a QuickTime movie to the page to show viewers how to strike a match.

If necessary, scroll to display the area below the table and above the match images on the Web page. Then drag the QuickTime icon from the Basic set of the Objects palette to this area. If you don't have enough space to add the QuickTime icon, select the table and use the arrow key on your keyboard to move the table further up on the page.

The Inspector changes to the Plug-in Inspector. Now you'll link the Plug-in placeholder on the Web page to a QuickTime file in the site window.


You loaded the QuickTime 6 plug-in when you installed GoLive CS.

With the placeholder selected on the Web page, drag from the pick whip button in the Basic tab of the Plug-in Inspector to the QuickTime file strike.mov in the media folder in the site window.

The first frame of the strike movie appears on the Web page.

Click the QuickTime tab of the Plug-in Inspector.

Select Show Controller to display a movie control bar when viewers play the movie.

Deselect Autoplay so the movie doesn't start until a viewer chooses to play it.

With the Plug-in placeholder still selected, click the Align Center button () on the toolbar to center align the movie to the layout grid. (This button is dimmed if the movie is already aligned to the center.)

Choose File > Save.

Now you'll preview the movie in your browser.

Click the Preview in browser button on the Document Toolbar. The browser displays the questions.html page. Click the Play button at the bottom left of the movie to play the movie.

Close your browser, and in GoLive, close the page questions.html.



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