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Formatting a table

Instead of using a layout text box to add text as you did on the first page, you'll use a table to place text on this page. This will give you more control over the spacing between paragraphs. For this lesson, we've already created the table and text for you. In later lessons, you'll learn how to add tables to the layout grid and how to import or copy and paste text into tables.

Double-click the questions.html file in the Files tab of the document window to open the file.

Scroll up in the questions.html document window if necessary so you can see the Burning Questions image at the top of the page.

Choose File > Open from the GoLive command bar, and open the file table_text.html in the folder Lessons/Lesson01/01Start/.

This file contains the table and text that you will add to the questions.html page.

Move your pointer over the top left corner of the table until the pointer turns into this (), then click to select the table. A border appears around the table when it is selected, and the Inspector becomes the Table Inspector.

Choose Edit > Copy.

Choose File > Close to close the file table_text.html.

Click the title bar of the questions.html document window to make the window active. Click on a blank section of the page to deselect anything previously selected, and choose Edit > Paste to paste the table into the document.

If you don't like the position of the table, select the table as you did in step 4, and then drag it to the preferred position. You can also select the table and click the Align Center button () on the toolbar to center the table on the layout grid.

Now you'll format the table to improve the spacing of the text on the page.

With the table still selected, in the Table Inspector, enter 0 for Border to remove the table border. Press Enter or Return. When viewers look at the page in a browser, they won't see a table outline. You'll check this in the Layout Preview shortly.

Enter 5 for Cell Pad to reduce the space around text in the table cells. Press Enter or Return.

Select the text “What is a match?” in the first row of the table. You can triple click in the text to select the entire row. Then choose 5 from the Font Size menu () on the Main Toolbar so that the text looks like a heading. You'll learn more about formatting text using the Font Size menu in Lesson 4, “Working with Text and Tables.”

Select the text “What is Fire?” and “Why won't my First Strike match light?” in turn and change their font size to 5 as well. Click outside the text to deselect it.

To see how the finished text looks, click the Preview tab in the document window. Because you have turned off the table borders, the text displays without revealing the table structure—the text looks attractively and evenly spaced.

Click the Layout tab to return to the Layout Editor.

Choose File > Save to save your work.



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