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Lesson 12. Managing Web Sites > Resolving orphan files

Resolving orphan files

An orphan file is one that is referenced in your site, but either can't be found in the web-content folder, or is in the Site Trash folder. Copying the file to the Files tab of the site window will fix the problem.

In the Errors tab, select the star.gif file. Notice that the Inspector changes to the File Inspector. Click the Content tab to display the star.gif image—an animation that flashes on and off. This confirms that you are working with the correct file.

Drag the file from the Errors tab to the animations folder in the Files tab of the site window.

Dragging file from the Errors tab back into Files tab of site window

In the Copy Files dialog box, click OK to confirm that you want to copy the file into your site and update its links.

If you pause too long when dropping the file on the animations folder, you may end up inside the animations folder. You can return to the root folder by clicking the Navigation button () near the Files tab. (The icon for the Navigation button varies with your operating system.)

Why was star.gif an orphaned file? Remember that when you first created this site, you imported the gage folder. The star.gif image was not in that folder, but in the Other Files folder, and was therefore never imported into the gage.site file. Since it was referenced by index.html, GoLive marked it as orphaned.


When you drag or import HTML and image files from other locations on your hard disk into the site window, GoLive creates a copy for the site and leaves the original files in their original locations.



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