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Lesson 13. Creating Design Diagrams > Adding new pages with the New Pages dialo...

Adding new pages with the New Pages dialog box

In this section you'll add three child pages for the travel section.

In the design diagram, select the Travel page, and right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) to show the context menu. Choose New Pages from the context menu.

In the New Pages dialog box, enter 3 as the Number of pages to create. Enter travel for the Filenames, and enter travel for the Folder.

The travel folder (target folder) in your site window will hold all the child pages in this section and their descendents when you submit the diagram. This target folder should be a subfolder of the root folder, either an existing subfolder or one that will be created when you submit the diagram.

In the Create Pages From section, select the Template option and choose template_01.html.

Click Create to create three child pages that inherit some of the qualities from the Travel section page, including color.

Now you'll adjust the color of the Travel page to differentiate it from the child pages.

Select the Travel page, and in the Graphics tab of the Section Inspector, drag the Fill Color slider to the right. The darker color will visually distinguish the Travel page as the first page in the section.

Next you'll set properties for each of the child pages. You'll identify the first child page that you just added as a page containing tour information.

Select the left-most child page of the Travel page.

In the Page tab of the Page Inspector, enter Tours for Name, and change Page Title to GaiaQuest Tours. Notice that the file name and the target directory are inherited from the parent.

Now you'll identify the second and third pages as pages for cruise and adventure information, respectively.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remaining two child pages. For the middle page, enter Cruises for Name and enter GaiaQuest Cruises for Page Title. For the right-most page, enter Adventures for Name and enter GaiaQuest Adventures for the Page Title.

Choose File > Save.



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