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Lesson 13. Creating Design Diagrams > Adding an ASP element

Adding an ASP element

Select the Ordering page on the design diagram.

From the Diagram set () of the Objects palette, drag an ASP element to the area directly below the Ordering page so that the icon touches the bottom of the Ordering page. When you release the icon, a black bar will briefly appear and then a green arrow showing the Parent to Child relationship will appear.

GoLive provides native support for several common scripting languages. For example, the Dynamic Content module in GoLive supports Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP), Sun® JavaServer Pages (JSP), and PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) server scripting technologies.

In the Object tab of the Object Inspector, type Profile for the Name of the ASP element, and enter profile.asp for the File Name.

Notice that the services file name was inherited. The Target Directory (Folder) value is inherited from the parent page even though it doesn't show here, just as the template option was inherited above.

Click the Graphics tab in the Object Inspector to change the color of the Profile page. Click the Fill Color color field to open the Swatches palette.

Choose the color labeled #FFCC00 customer profile.

Use the same procedure to apply the same color to the Header Fill Color.

Drag the icon or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the ASP page so that it is positioned under the ordering page.



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