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Chapter 6. Working with Links > Linking to Local Files - Pg. 152

Working with Links 152 Linking to Local Files Contribute lets you link to a document that resides on your local hard drive or to documents that reside on network disks that are connected to your computer. For example, you can make a link to a local text or image file, a Word file, or a PDF document. When you publish the page that contains the link, Contribute uploads a copy of the document to your Web site, where it resides in the same directory as the HTML pages on your site. When users click the link on your Web site, their browser downloads a copy of the file. You use this linking method to create links to items you want users of your Web site to be able to download. To link to files on your computer or network: 1. 2. Select the text or image you want to make into a link. Choose Insert > Link > File on My Computer. or Choose File on My Computer from the Link pop-up menu in the toolbar. The Insert Link dialog opens, with the selected text already inserted in the "Link text" field (Figure 6.9).