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Chapter 4. Editing Page Content > Adding Horizontal Rules

Adding Horizontal Rules

A horizontal rule is a line that runs across the page, providing a division between parts of the document (Figure 4.23). By default, a horizontal rule in Contribute is the width of the page, is 1 pixel high, and has a small drop shadow. You can change these properties if you want.

Figure 4.23. This horizontal rule separates two sections of the draft page.

To insert a horizontal rule:

Click in the page to place the insertion point where you want the horizontal rule to appear.

Choose Insert > Horizontal Rule.

A line appears as wide as the page.

To modify a horizontal rule’s properties:

Click the horizontal rule to select it.

Right-click the horizontal rule, and then choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Horizontal Rule Properties dialog appears (Figure 4.24).

Figure 4.24. You can change the width and height of a horizontal rule in the Horizontal Rule Properties dialog.

Do one or more of the following:

  • Type a number in the Width field, and choose either “pixels” or “percent” from the pop-up menu. Choosing “pixels” creates a fixed-width line; choosing “percent” creates a line that expands or contracts depending on the width of the site visitor’s browser window.

  • In the Height text box, type a number for the horizontal rule. This height is measured in pixels.

  • If you select the Use Outline Shading check box, the line appears as an outline rather than as a solid line.

Click OK.

✓ Tips

  • The horizontal rule has white space above and below it, which you can see if you click the rule to select it (Figure 4.25).

    Figure 4.25. When you select the rule, you can see the white space above and below it.

  • Horizontal rules are a leftover from the early days of HTML. Use them sparingly, if at all, because they tend to make a page look dated.

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