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Chapter 4. Editing Page Content > Working with Lists

Working with Lists

Lists are an easy way to organize content on your Web page. Contribute supports three types of lists:

Numbered lists or Ordered lists, for lists with items that need to be in a particular order (Figure 4.17). List items are numbered and indented from the left margin. If you add or remove items from the numbered list, it automatically renumbers.

Figure 4.17. Numbered lists automatically renumber if you insert a new item between two existing items.

Bulleted lists or Unordered, for lists of items in no particular order (Figure 4.18).

Figure 4.18. Bulleted lists are single-spaced and indented.

Definition lists, where each item has an indented subitem (Figure 4.19).

Figure 4.19. Definition lists have the definitions indented under the definition terms. (The definition terms don’t have to be all uppercase—they just happen to be in this figure.)

To create a list:

Type the items for your list into the draft window. After typing each item, press Enter (Return).

Select the items in the list.

Choose Format > List, then choose Numbered List, Bulleted List, or Definition List from the submenu.


Click either the Numbered List or Bulleted List button in the Editing toolbar.

✓ Tip

  • At the end of your list, you can turn off the list function either by pressing Enter (Return) twice or by clicking the appropriate list button in the Editing toolbar.

Setting List Properties

Numbered lists and bulleted lists have properties you can change in Contribute. You can choose between five types of numbering, as shown in Table 4.3. For bulleted lists, you can choose either a round bullet (the default) or a square bullet. There are no properties to set for a definition list.

Table 4.3. List-Numbering Options
Number1, 2, 3, 4 ...
Roman Smalli, ii, iii, iv ...
Roman LargeI, II, III, IV ...
Alphabet Smalla, b, c, d ...
Alphabet LargeA, B, C, D ...

To set list properties:

Click in the list you want to change to place the insertion point.

Choose Format > List > Properties. The List Properties dialog appears (Figure 4.20).

Figure 4.20. In the List Properties dialog, you can change the way lists are numbered and bulleted.

Do one or more of the following:

  • In the “List type” pop-up menu, select Bulleted List, Numbered List, or Directory List (“definition list” is called “Directory List” in this dialog for some reason).

  • In the “Style” pop-up menu, select one of the Bulleted List or Numbered List styles.

  • Use the “Start at number” text box to set the value for the first item in the numbered list.

Click OK.

✓ Tip

  • You may notice that there is a fourth choice in the “List type” pop-up menu, called Menu List. That choice creates an unusual type of list that is based on the <menu> tag. That tag was deprecated— recommended that it not be used—when HTML 4.01 was standardized several years ago. I suggest that you avoid the use of the Menu List option.

Nesting Lists

You can indent lists within lists to create nested lists. Because nested lists do not have to be of the same type, you can create, for example, a numbered list with an indented bulleted list, and you can have multiple levels of nested lists within one overall list (Figure 4.21).

Figure 4.21. You can nest bulleted lists inside numbered lists.

To create a nested list:

Click the end of a line within an existing list to place the insertion point.

Press Enter (Return).

Contribute creates another line of the list.

Press Tab.

Contribute creates a new indented sublist of the same type as the parent list. For example, if the parent list is a numbered list, the new sublist will also be a numbered list.

(Optional) If you want the sublist to be a different type of list than the parent list, click the Numbered List or Bulleted List button in the Editing toolbar.

Type the list item.

Press Enter (Return).

Contribute creates a new sublist item.

Press the Enter (Return) key twice to leave the sublist.

✓ Tips

  • You can also click the Outdent button in the Editing toolbar to merge the sublist back into the main list.

  • You can use the List Properties dialog to format sublists as well as lists.

  • If you are in a table and press Tab,

    Contribute will jump to the next cell, rather than indenting and creating a nested list. One workaround is to create the nested list outside of the table, cut it, then paste it in the table cell where you want it to go.

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