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Chapter 4. Editing Page Content > Adding Google Search Fields

Adding Google Search Fields

Another new feature in Contribute 3 allows you to add Google Search fields to your Web pages. The fields can use Google (http://www.google.com) to search the entire Web, or the search can be restricted to a single domain.

To add a Google Search field:

Click in the page to place the insertion point where you want the search field to appear.

Choose Insert > Google Search Field.

The first screen of the Insert Google Search Field Wizard appears (Figure 4.56).

Figure 4.56. The Google Search Field Wizard allows you to easily add search capabilities to your site.

Choose the kind of search you want. Clicking WebSearch will add a Google logo and a search field. Clicking WebSearch with SiteSearch will allow the user to restrict the search to just your site. If you choose this option, enter the domain that you want to search. The dialog shows you a preview of either choice (Figure 4.57).

Figure 4.57. The Wizard shows you a preview of both the WebSearch and WebSearch with SiteSearch options.

(Optional) To restrict the search results to be child-friendly, click “Enable SafeSearch to exclude adult-themed content from results.”

Click Continue.

The Results Page customization screen of the Wizard appears (Figure 4.58).

Figure 4.58. If you like, you can customize the look of the search results page.

(Optional) You can customize the background color or image of the results page —the page where search results will be displayed—as well as the color of the text and links on the page. Make changes as needed, then click Continue.

The Logos page appears (Figure 4.59).

Figure 4.59. Adding your logo to the search results page increases the “brand identification” of the search.

(Optional) Use this page to add the URL of your logo to the results page. You can also change the width, height, and alignment of your logo. You can also set the background color of the Google logo to while, black, or gray.

Click Continue. The Summary page appears.

Click Done.

The Google search field appears on your draft page (Figure 4.60).

Figure 4.60. The Google Search in the draft page.

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