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Laying Out the Page

You are ready to start laying out each of the pages. In this task, you'll lay out the first page. To do so, you'll add some text, import the Jade Valley logo, and position all of the elements attractively.

Choose File > Import. Navigate to the Start folder of this lesson and select the file logo.tif from the folder and click Open to insert the image.

Again, as part of the branding effort, you want the Jade Valley logo to be as visible as possible on all types of marketing materials.

Place the logo on the Document window, near the bottom-right corner.

The exact location doesn't matter. Just make sure it's in the vicinity of the bottom-right corner of the page.

Select the Text tool. Type Organic Farming: in the Document window.

In the final movie, this text will fly into place. The position shown in the screenshot will be where it comes to rest at the end of that animation.

Switch to the Pointer tool and select the new text block. With the text block selected, in the Object panel, select Arial as the Font, BoldItalic as the Type, and 28 as the Size. Make sure the text is Left-aligned.

In Freehand, you can always create a text block first and format its attributes later.

Drag the green swatch you created earlier in the lesson (99R, 156G, and 0B) and release it over the Text Fill swatch in the Object panel (currently that swatch is black).

The text block is now the shade of green you mixed earlier, with the set of new text attributes you just defined.

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 to create another text block, What is it? Give the new text block the following attributes: Arial, Bold, Size 28, Left-aligned, and clay for the Color (153R, 51G, and 0B).

Position it below and to the right of the first text block. Once finished, you should have something similar to the following screenshot.

Save the file.

The first page is laid out. The next time you work with these elements, you'll be in Flash.



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