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Lesson 7. Repurposing Design for Print > Designing a Business Card

Designing a Business Card

In the final task, you will revise and customize the existing business card, so that the new Jade Valley business card will be integrated with the rest of its print campaign.

Center the page on the business card in the Document window. Use the Zoom tool to zoom in on the business card.

The business card as it stands now is vertically aligned, but you will actually create a horizontal one for Jade Valley.

Use the Pointer tool and Shift-select both the logo and the address information, orange bar, and goat, and press Delete to remove them.

We will replace them with Jade Valley's logo and contact information.

Select the striped bar and choose Edit > Copy. Click anywhere on the business card and choose Edit > Paste. Reposition the second striped bar to the left of the business card, so that it's parallel to the original one on the right.

After you completed the step, the business card should look like the screenshot below.

Select the Vito Ciao text box using the Pointer tool. Choose the Rotate tool to rotate the name 90 degrees clockwise. Move the text box to the middle of the business card once the orientation is adjusted.

Hold down the Shift key when you adjust the orientation of the text box to constrain the rotation to 45-degree increments.


Vito Ciao is a placeholder for the name of the business-card owner. You will replace it with appropriate names in your organization.

Copy the Jade Valley logo from the envelope. Return to the business card and paste the logo anywhere on the business card.

Obviously it is too big for a business card. You will fix this problem in the next step.

With the logo still selected, choose the Scale tool from the Tools panel to scale down the object. Hold down the Shift key as you scale to maintain proportions. Then move the logo above the text block, over the top of the business card.

You can use the Align panel to align the text and logo precisely.

Bring in Jade Valley's contact information (including the orange bar and the goat) from the Letter page and reposition it right below the text block. Scale it down to an appropriate size.

Remember, when resizing multiple objects together, it is usually easier to group them first (Modify > Group).

Select all three design elements on the document. Use the Align panel to center all three to the page, left to right.

Using the Align panel will ensure that the selected objects on the document are aligned with precision.

The finished business card looks as follows.

Save and close jadevalley_print.FH11.



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