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Designing an Envelope

In this task, you will design an envelope that goes with the letterhead you just created. In the process you will use the Rotate tool to rotate design elements.

Center the envelope in the Document window. Select the compass logo and press the Delete key.

Again, you'll replace the compass logo with the Jade Valley logo.

Return to the Letter page and select the logo/text path group. Choose Edit > Copy. Back on the Envelope page, paste the logo/text path group on the bottom-left corner.

Again, you want the design of the envelope to be as close to the design of the letterhead as possible. By reusing the logo/text path group, you can make the two designs consistent. And since the logo and the text path are now one entity, it's very easy to make a copy and paste it on a different page without re-creating any part of the group.

Delete the placeholder address. Copy the address from the Letter page, and paste it onto the envelope where the placeholder was.

The correct text is in place, but it needs to be flipped.


The reason the text and goat appear upside-down is because they appear above the envelope's fold, represented onscreen by the blue guide. Once printed, this envelope would be folded along the guide, so that the goat and return address would appear right-side-up on the back side of the envelope.

With the address block still selected, press and hold the Scale tool in the Tools panel, and choose the Rotate tool from the pop-up. Position the mouse over the center of the address text and press and drag the text block to the right and around clockwise to rotate the text 180 degrees.

The center point of the rotation is where you first click with the Rotate tool; as you drag, all selected objects rotate around that center point.

Switch back to the Pointer tool and with the text block still selected, reposition it, if necessary, so it is centered below the goat.

You should use the Align panel to be sure it is centered. The envelope is complete.

Save your file.



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