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Lesson 7. Repurposing Design for Print > Working with Text and Graphics

Working with Text and Graphics

There are a few more things to be done to finish the letterhead design. In this task, you will replace the contact information on the current letterhead with the correct one for Jade Valley. In addition, you will also import the Jade Valley logo into this document.

Choose the Text tool from the Tools panel and select the text block Cappuccino Adventure Company. Drag the darker orange in the Swatch panel to the Text Fill Color box in the Object panel.


Remember, if you can't see a portion of the document, you can double-click the Hand tool to fit the document in the window and/or move the document around until you can see it.

You do not want to use the replace color method used in the previous task to change the color, because doing so would replace all instances of the lighter green with the orange color on all the pages. You only want to change the color on the Cappuccino text block, so instead you need to change the text color manually.

Replace the text block with Jade Valley by typing over the existing one. With the new text block still selected, in the Object panel, apply the following settings.

Font: Garamond

Size: 10

Style: Both Bold and Italic

Kerning percentage: 45%

As with other desktop publishing applications, Freehand enables you to easily work with text for your print publications. In this step, you simply modified the existing text and customized some text attributes to make the overall presentation more in-line with the Web design.

All of the settings should be familiar, except perhaps kerning. Kerning refers to the amount of space between each of the characters. The default is 0, and by choosing 45%, you are stretching out the width of the line, making the words Jade Valley a little more prominent.

Still in the Object panel, in the Effects drop-down, select Shadow and choose Edit from the drop-down menu to change the color of the shadow to 25% black. In addition, change the Offset to 3 for both X and Y, respectively.

Like Fireworks, Freehand has a number of common effects built-in. Also, as with Fireworks, the effects are fully customizable. Thus, after you applied the drop shadow, you made it more subtle by lowering its offsets and blackness of the shadow.

Replace the address and phone number with Jade Valley's contact information (below). With the new contact information selected, in the Object panel, change the Font to Garamond, change the Size to 6, and change the Style to Bold. Change the Kerning percentage to 35%. Save the file.

Jade Valley

696 Morgan Road

Harmony, Indiana 47622

(812) 555-1199

The contact information does not have any special text effects applied because you don't want them to compete with the company name.

Open logo.png in Fireworks. Select Modify > Canvas > Image Size. In the Image Size dialog, change the resolution to 300.

When you first created the logo in Fireworks, you used the default resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), which is appropriate for screen graphics. However, 72 dpi is too low for print graphics—a 72-dpi graphic printed onto paper is likely to appear blocky and pixelated. You need to raise the resolution to 300 dpi, which is a more common resolution for print projects. 300 dpi greatly increases file size—it's usually about 16 times the size as a 72 dpi image—so the image at this resolution would not be practical for the Web. However, at this resolution, it will have much more detail and look much better printed, and file size is not as critical for print projects, so the change is worth it.


As you change the screen resolution, the pixel dimension of the logo is enlarged (from 90 by 75 to 374 by 313) to accommodate it.

Select File > Export Preview. In the Options tab, choose TIFF 32 from the drop-down and click Export. In the Export dialog, name the file logo_print.tif. Click Save to save it in the same location as jadevalley_print.fh11.

As explained earlier in the book, TIFF is a common graphic file type for print projects, because of its high quality and widespread support across applications.

Return to Fireworks and select Save As and save as logo_print.png alongside the jadevalley_print.fh11 and logo_print.tif files. Close Fireworks.

Always save your Fireworks PNGs for future modification or use.

Return to Freehand. Choose File > Import. Locate logo_print.tif and click Open to import it. With the letter still in the Document window, click right below the current logo to place it on the document. Deselect the Jade Valley logo and select the compass logo and press the keyboard's Delete key to delete it.

You don't need the placeholder logo that comes with the Stationery wizard, so you need to remove it.

If necessary, reposition the logo so that it is roughly in the same position as the one in the screenshot. Select the Jade Valley logo on the document, and choose Window > Align. In the Align panel, check the Align to Page checkbox. Select No Change from the horizontal drop-down menu and Align Center from the vertical drop-down menu. Click the Apply button to center-align the Jade Valley logo on the document.

The Jade Valley logo should be center-aligned on the page across the top. Rather than eyeballing the position, the most reliable way is to use the Align panel.

Save the document.



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