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Lesson 7. Repurposing Design for Print > Replacing Colors Using Swatch Library

Replacing Colors Using Swatch Library

While the template is a convenient way to start with a print project, you still need to do a lot of work to make it mirror the Jade Valley Web design. Though the layout is workable, the colors and theme are all wrong. The first thing you'll do is replace the existing color scheme with the swatches you just imported from the swatch library.

Click anywhere in the Letter page to activate it. Using the Pointer tool, click the striped bar over the top and choose Modify > Ungroup.

The striped bar consists of two elements: the horizontal bar in dark gold and individual stripes in brown. They were grouped together so they can be easily repositioned. To replace these two colors with colors from the Jade Valley custom swatches, you need to ungroup them first.

Click anywhere in the Document window to deselect the letter and then click only the light brown horizontal bar. Choose Replace from the Swatch panel Options menu. In the Replace Color dialog, select the Color List option and in the drop-down menu, choose the darker green (the one with 60c, 40m, 100y, and 0k CMYK specs). Click OK to replace the color.

Instantly, the color of the horizontal bar changes from dark gold to the green swatch. Notice the change is applied across all three pages—in other words, all the design elements that originally had the dark gold color now have the green color.

Deselect the horizontal bar and select any one of the stripes on it. Use the same method described in Step 2 to replace the brown with the lighter green color you mixed earlier.

Again, the change is applied throughout the entire Freehand document, on all three pages.

Zoom in to the bottom of the letterhead where the address is located. Drag the orange swatch onto the goat image. Repeat this process to turn the remaining two goats orange.

Most of the goat turns orange; its nose remains black—don't worry about that. The goat now matches the overall color scheme of Jade Valley.

Select the horizontal bar right above the goat on the Letter page. Drag the lighter orange swatch (the one with a 25% of 0c, 60m, 100y, and 0k CMYK specs) to the Color box in the Objects panel.

You have almost replaced the original colors with the Jade Valley-specific color scheme.

Repeat Step 5 to replace the color of the horizontal bar right above the goat on the other two pages.

The horizontal bars throughout the file cannot be changed across the board, you need to change the color manually

Save the file.



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