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Lesson 11. Preparing the Dante Site > Defining the Dante Site

Defining the Dante Site

In this task, you'll copy the files from the CD included with the book to your hard drive and define the site in Dreamweaver.

Copy the entire dante folder within the Lesson11/Start folder on the CD to your hard drive.

You can put the folder on your Desktop, in your Documents or Sites folders (Macintosh) or the My Documents folder (Windows), or anywhere you want, as long as you remember where you put it.

Open Dreamweaver. Choose Site > Manage Sites. Click New and choose Site from the pop-up.

The Site Definition dialog appears.

The Advanced tab should be active, but if it is not, click it, so that you can define the site in advanced mode.

In the Local Info category, name the site dante. In the Local Root Folder field, browse to the dante folder you just copied to your hard drive.

You can leave all the other options at their defaults.

Click OK to finish defining the site. Once you return to the Manage Sites dialog, click Done.

For now, you are defining the site as a static site; you are not yet configuring the site to work with ColdFusion or a database just yet. Later, in Lesson 14, “Dynamic, Data-Driven Sites,” when you use ColdFusion, you'll return to this dialog and redefine the site so that it can access a ColdFusion-enabled Web server.

The Files panel lists the folders and files in the site. No HTML files yet exist for this site, but there is a template in the Templates folder, which you'll use to create each of the site's files. In addition, a cascading style sheet, stored in the css folder, has already been created and applied to the template file.

Two of the folders won't be used directly in the site: the Fireworks Source and Text Source folders. The Fireworks Source folder contains the Fireworks PNG file that contains the layout for the Dante site, and is included in case you want to explore it. The Text Source folder contains some of the text that will be used in the site; it is included to save you some typing.



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