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Lesson 1. Preparing Graphics > Applying Type Effects

Applying Type Effects

In this final task of the lesson, you'll use of one of Fireworks' special Live Effects to add a drop shadow to the letters J and V in the original logo graphic. Live Effects are one of the most fun features available in Fireworks. They can be applied to both vector and bitmap objects. They let you add instant effects, like shadows, glows, bevels (for button effects), embossing, and much more. Better still, you have considerable control over how they are applied. Even better, Live Effects can always be modified or removed; they do not permanently alter anything in your image.

Open logo.png.

This is the file that contains the Jade Valley logo.

Use the Pointer tool to select the J. Click the Add Effects or Choose a Preset (+) button in the Property inspector.

A pop-up menu appears that lists several categories of Live Effects.

From this menu, choose Shadow and Glow > Drop Shadow. In the pop-up that appears, change the distance from 7 (the default) to 5, and change the color to the same as the letter J (hexadecimal value #FF6600). Click anywhere on canvas to apply the changes.

When you are finished, the J has an orange shadow, which gives it some more interest.

Also notice that the effects section of the Property inspector now displays Drop Shadow. Whenever you apply an effect, it is listed. Note that you can apply multiple effects to the same object, and when you do, they are all listed in the order in which they were applied.

To remove a Live Effect, select the effect in the Property inspector, and click the Delete the Current Selected Effect (–) button. To edit an existing Live Effect (say, for instance, you wanted to change the drop shadow's color back to black), double-click the name of the Live Effect.

Use the Pointer tool to select the V. As before, add a Drop Shadow Live Effect to it. Set its Distance to 5 as well, and set the Color to the same shade of green as the V (hexadecimal value #669900).

Live Effects are powerful and fun. Take a few minutes to experiment with some of the different effects and their settings.

Save and close logo.png.



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