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Lesson 1. Preparing Graphics > Applying the Type

Applying the Type

Now that the banana photograph has been fully prepared as a background graphic, you can now start adding and formatting the type.

Select the Text tool. Use the Property inspector to set the Font to Arial Narrow, the Size to 14, and the text Color to black (hexadecimal #000000).

Bold, italics, and underline should all be toggled off.

Click anywhere in the Document window, and type the following: Organically Grown Fruits and Vegetables: The FRESH taste you will never forget.

As you type, the text scrolls off the right edge of the canvas. You can't even see it.

Press and drag the control handle in the lower-right corner of the text box, down and to the left, until the text block is about the same size as the one shown in the screenshot.

Fireworks text boxes automatically expand when you start typing. In this step, you are defining a fixed width. Fireworks will now wrap text and extend this box downward, as needed, to accommodate more text.

With the text box still selected, specify the right alignment (the default is left). Also, change the Leading to 32 px.


If your text looks bunched together, you probably forgot to change from percent to pixels.

Leading (pronounced “ledding”) refers to the amount of space between lines of text. In most cases, paragraph text leading is about 20 percent larger than the font size. So a size 10 font often has a 12-point leading. The number you enter here, 32 pixels, is quite a bit higher than 20 percent. It calls attention to the text, and makes it more readable: Exactly what you want in an advertisement.

Using the Text tool, drag to select the word Organically. Use the Property inspector to change the color to a deep green color (hexadecimal value #669900). Also increase the size to 16.

Making key words stand out is another useful design technique for ads.

Drag to select the word FRESH, and use the Property inspector to increase its size to 16 and change its color to a deep red (hexadecimal value #993333).

Now the two most important words in the ad stand out.

Resize the text box, if necessary, and put in a hard return after the colon (if necessary) to make the text flow as shown in the screenshot.

The ad is finished.

Choose File > Save As and save the file as banana.png. Close the file.

As with logo.png, you'll optimize and export this file for the Web in Lesson 3.



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