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Inserting Images

In this lesson's final task, you'll add some images to the page template.

Select and delete the placeholder text, “Special content area.” With the cursor blinking where this text used to be, choose Insert > Image from the main menu.

The Select Image Source dialog appears.

In the Select Image Source dialog, browse to the images folder within the jade_valley site folder. Select label_products.gif and click OK (Windows) or Choose (Macintosh).

This graphic was exported from the original (pre-simplified) Fireworks design, and was placed inside the images folder for you. Now it appears at the top of the left column.

Press the right arrow key once and then the Enter/Return key to move the insertion point below the label image you just inserted. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 in this task to insert banana.jpg just below the Products label image.

You are almost finished reconstructing the original design.

One at a time, click to select label_products.gif and then banana.gif, and use the Property inspector to Right-align each image.

After you've completed this step, the images and the main text seem to run right up against each other. You will use CSS in the next lesson to fix this problem.

Select label_products.gif on the Document window. In the Property inspector, enter Jade Valley Products as the alternate text in the Alt field.

To make your site accessible to screen readers, you need to enter a name or brief description for the image in the Alt text box. You should limit your entry to around 50 characters. The screen reader reads the information you enter here.


For longer descriptions, consider providing a link, in the Property inspector's Long Description text box. You will learn more about Dreamwaver and accessibility in the next lesson.

Repeat Step 5 and give the banana an alternate text of Ad for organically grown fruits and vegetables. in the Property inspector.

The goal of alternate text is to provide a reasonable substitute for the content or message of the graphic.

Save and close the file.

In the next lesson, you will develop a style sheet and create a template for the Jade Valley Web site based on this page.

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