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Lesson 12. Nonlinear Flash Interactions > Scripting the Quicktip Interaction - Pg. 281

Nonlinear Flash Interactions 281 Again, the instance name is how you will identify this text field via ActionScript. As its name suggests, the Multiline setting enables the text inside the text field to wrap. The other setting, Render Text as HTML, enables Flash to interpret basic HTML tags and format the text accordingly. For example, consider the following text string: my <b>bold</b> text. If Render Text as HTML is toggled off, the dynamic text field displays "my <b>bold</b> text." If Render Text as HTML is toggled on, the Dynamic Text field displays "my bold text." In other words, Render Text as HTML enables you to control character-level formatting in Dynamic Text fields. Choose Edit > Edit Document to return to the main document, leaving Symbol-editing mode. When you leave, the new symbol is saved in the Library, and all placed instances (in this case, just one) are also updated. Select the quickTip instance, and give it an instance name of quickTip_mc . 5. 6.