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Part: 4 Flash PROJECT 1 > Creating a Flash Movie

Lesson 9. Creating a Flash Movie

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 is a powerful authoring tool in which you can create simple Web animations, Web-based software applications, multimedia experiences, and now, with the introduction of Macromedia Central, business applications that work on- or offline. Flash's capabilities are deep and diverse; fortunately, it's not too hard to get started with simple Flash projects. Flash provides easy-to-use vector drawing tools for creating graphics. You can integrate these vector graphics with video, bitmaps, and sounds created in other applications.

Perhaps the easiest starting point in Flash development is the creation of animations. With Flash, you can create the illusion of motion by placing content in successive frames, which pass by so quickly that the eye perceives motion. Flash's authoring environment is based on the metaphor of frames in a movie reel; you place content in each frame, and when the Flash movie plays back, it proceeds through the frames until it reaches the end.

Organize elements in space and in time, using Flash's intuitive timeline.

Sometimes, though, you'll want the user to have some control over the content. That is, rather than having the user sit passively and watch an animation, you might want the user to click buttons, drag objects, or interact with the keyboard—and have the Flash movie react to these actions. Flash comes with a powerful scripting language called ActionScript, which can be used to give the user control over the movie.

In this and the next lesson, you'll explore the capabilities of Flash by creating a simple Flash movie. It will incorporate both a handful of animations as well as simple interactivity. Along the way, you'll work with vector art, text, and imported bitmaps. As a starting point, of course, you'll use the organic farming storyboard you designed in Lesson 8, “Storyboarding Flash Movies.”


In this lesson, you will:

  • Import a Freehand file to Flash

  • Create new layers in the timeline

  • Insert new frames and keyframes

  • Move text and graphic objects to appropriate layers

  • Delete and rename Library items

  • Import bitmap graphics to the Library

  • Convert an existing graphic to a button symbol


This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Starting Files:






Completed Files:




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