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Part: 1 Fireworks PROJECT 1 > Preparing Graphics

Lesson 1. Preparing Graphics

The Web is a multimedia format. In addition to text, you can add any combination of graphics, animations, movies, sounds, games, learning media, and much more in a single HTML page. Often, you create many of these assets before you begin to develop the Web pages, because without them, you don't have much to put in your Web page.

Graphics are often the first assets you create when you begin working on a Web site, because they heavily influence the overall look and feel of a site's design, including its color combination, interface elements (such as navigation bars), and layout. In addition, you often have graphics that predate the Web site—many corporate logos, for example, have been around for years or even decades.

In the course of this lesson, you will create the Jade Valley logo (left) as well as a small advertisement graphic (right).

When building a site from the ground up, Macromedia Fireworks is a good place to start. Not only is Fireworks a robust image editor, it's the perfect environment for creating new art, or importing and improving existing art. After you have created art, Fireworks' powerful interface can optimize that art for the Web; that is, Fireworks has many useful tools that help you reduce a graphic's file size while maintaining the best overall visual quality. In addition, Fireworks is a great tool for designing whole-page layouts, which you can use as the basis for the entire Web site design. In the first part of this book, you'll explore all these aspects of Fireworks as you begin to build the Jade Valley site.

In this first lesson, you'll build two graphics for use in the site: the Jade Valley logo as well as a small ad graphic. In the process, you'll become familiar with the Fireworks interface and discover how easy it is to create and improve an array of different kinds of graphics.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Draw shapes and apply strokes, fills, and textures

  • Apply and format text

  • Edit a bitmap graphic: a digital photo

  • Use a mask and the Dodge tool to touch up the digital photo

  • Apply Fireworks Live Effects to create drop shadows and other common effects


This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Starting Files:


Completed Files:





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