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Lesson 3. Exporting a Site Design > Viewing Output Pages in a Browser

Viewing Output Pages in a Browser

You have optimized and exported the interface design for the Jade Valley Web site, and as a result you have all the graphic and HTML files needed to reconstruct the Fireworks design. Before you actually import this design into Dreamweaver for further work, you should review the exported HTML file in a browser. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can begin reconstructing the design and creating the template in Dreamweaver. By reviewing the file in advance, you will be able to detect any problems that appeared during the exporting process and resolve them before investing time and effort on something that is not right.

Go to the folder “jade_valley” on your Desktop.

To test the files, you have to navigate to the folder into which you exported them.

Double-click template.html.

You can now see the exported HTML file in your designated browser.

Mouse over the navigation bar to make sure all the buttons function properly.

Review the navigation bar carefully and see if the Over states are presented correctly. If you followed every step accurately in the Exporting section of this lesson, all your navigation buttons should respond to the mouse as expected in your browser.


Don't bother clicking any of the buttons—they don't do anything yet, because you didn't associate URLs with the buttons in Fireworks. While Fireworks does enable you to attach links to buttons, you'll take care of this in Dreamweaver.

Close template.html.

The page tests well in the browser. It doesn't look exactly the same as the original design (e.g., it is missing the silver text box in the middle of the page and the footer area, etc.), but you will be able to reconstruct those missing elements in Dreamweaver in the coming lessons.



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