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Part: 5 Dreamweaver and Flash PROJECT 2:... > Drag-and-Drop Interactions

Lesson 13. Drag-and-Drop Interactions

Creating nonlinear, interactive movies gives control to the user. Rather than compelling her or him to watch the whole movie in a predetermined order—the order of frames in the timeline—users can see what they want when they want. In Lesson 12, “Nonlinear Flash Interactions,” you implemented a nonlinear structure that encourages exploration. In this lesson, you will extend the interactivity of the movie by enabling users to drag and drop objects on the screen. Better still, you'll set up targets for the draggable objects and provide feedback to users when they drag and drop the objects on the right target.

You will create drag-and-drop interactions in which the user will put four notorious monsters of the Inferno—a snake-haired fury, a centaur, a lizard-man, and Lucifer—in their places. In addition, you will see how to use these interactions as triggers for other events. That is, the secondary events caused by the drag-and-drop interaction won't be triggered by traditional Macromedia Flash object events such as button_btn.onRelease, but by custom events you program and users trigger as they manipulate the application content.

Drag-and-drop interactivity adds a whole new level of user engagement with the content.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to implement drag-and-drop functionality

  • Detect collisions between two movie clips

  • Dynamically position movie clips

  • Publish the completed project in the Dante site within Dreamweaver


This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Starting Files:




Completed Files:




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