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Lesson 13. Drag-and-Drop Interactions > Publishing the Interactive Map in the D...

Publishing the Interactive Map in the Dante Web Site

You are done working on the interactive map of Dante's Inferno. But you still need to insert it into the Web site.

Open Dreamweaver, and verify that the Dante site is active in the Files panel. In the Files panel, double-click to open dante_map.html.

You created this page back in Lesson 11, “Preparing the Dante Site.” It has only placeholder content at this point, but you are about to change that.

Drag to select the placeholder text “Body text goes here.” Press Delete.

This page doesn't have any HTML text, beyond the page heading. Instead, it will have the Flash movie.

With the cursor blinking inside the now empty main_content editable region, in the Common category of the Insert bar, click the Media icon and select Flash from the drop-down menu.

As you probably recall from earlier Flash lessons, inserting Flash elements into HTML requires some special HTML tags. Fortunately, Dreamweaver simplifies the process of inserting Flash movies into HTML with this button.

In the Select File dialog, navigate to the flash folder and select dante.swf. Click Choose.

A gray box with the Flash logo appears on the page, representing the Flash movie.


You can preview the Flash movie in Dreamweaver by clicking the Play button in the Property inspector with the Flash movie selected.

Click the Flash movie and press the right arrow key on the keyboard to position the insertion point just after it. Press Enter/Return to create a new paragraph beneath it. Type the following, and link the word Return to index.html.

Return to the Dante site homepage.

This link enhances usability by improving navigation within the site.

Save and close dante_map.html.

You can also test the movie inside the page by pressing F12 with dante_map.html open, though nothing inside the Flash movie should have changed.



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