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Chapter 6. Working with Links > Changing Link Colors

Changing Link Colors

Link colors are part of what's known as page properties—the set of options that are applied to an entire page, rather than to an object. When you create a new page, Dreamweaver will use CSS to set your links. If you open a page that uses the <body> tag to set link colors, certain Page Properties, such as Rollover Link color and underline style, will not be available (see the sidebar, this page).

To change a page's link colors

With the correct page visible, click the Page Properties button on the Property inspector. The Page Properties dialog box will appear (Figure 6.39).

Figure 6.39. You can modify Link Color, Active Link, Rollover Link, and Visited Link colors with the Page Properties dialog box.

In the Category box, click on Links. The text boxes marked Links, Visited Links, Rollover Links and Active Links control those colors for the current page. (See the sidebar Link, Alink, Vlink and Rollover Links at the end of the chapter for details.) Type (or paste) the hex code for the desired color in the appropriate text box, or use the color picking tools described in Chapter 2 to select a color using the eyedropper or the Color dialog box.

After you choose a color, the hex code for that color will appear in the appropriate text box in the Page Properties dialog box. Click on OK to return to the Document window, or keep the dialog box open to continue modifying link colors and other attributes.



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