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Chapter 5. Working with Images > Resampling an Image After Resizing

Resampling an Image After Resizing

Dreamweaver can resample an image after you resize or crop the image in the Document window. This can be done only for GIF and JPEG images, which are what's called bitmap images (as opposed to PNGs, which are vector images). What Dreamweaver does (using the Fireworks graphics engine) to resample it, is to add or subtract pixels using guesswork. When you enlarge an image by regular old resizing and then resample it, Dreamweaver fills in pixels to try to smooth out the stretched image and give it visual sense so that it looks better than it did before. It doesn't always work optimally, however. Resampled photographs can look muddy or distorted, so be sure not to resample your original file.

To resample an image

Select the image in the Document window.

On the Property inspector, click the Resample button .

A dialog box will appear asking you to make sure you made a backup.

To proceed, click on OK.

After a brief pause, Dreamweaver will present the newly resampled image in place of the old one (Figure 5.67). The Property inspector will display the dimensions as fixed rather than changed (Figure 5.68).

Figure 5.67. On this page, the top image is the original. Below, the image is enlarged and resampled. To the right, the image is then re-shrunk and resampled again.

Figure 5.68. On the Property inspector, you'll recall, a resized image gets its dimensions printed in bold (top). After an image is resampled, the image file takes on the new dimensions, which are displayed as the (new) original size (bottom).



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