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Chapter 5. Working with Images > Optimizing an Image for File Size Using Firewo...

Optimizing an Image for File Size Using Fireworks

Optimizing a file means changing some aspects of the image so that its file size will be smaller and in turn, your page will load faster. You can take images on your Web pages in the Document window and optimize them in Fireworks.

To optimize an image

Select the image in the Document window.

On the Property inspector, click the Optimize button.

Fireworks will launch if it's not already open. The Find Source dialog box will appear (Figure 5.54).

Figure 5.54. You can optimize the exact file you're working with by clicking on Use This File. To work with an original PNG source file instead, click on Use a PNG. You'll then be prompted to select the PNG from your computer using the Open dialog box.

You can choose to work with a source file, which is a backup of the image in the PNG format, or you can directly optimize the file you've selected. The PNG must already exist in order to work with that file.

If you select to work with a PNG, Dreamweaver will ask you to select the file (which you may have saved in a different folder than the one your Web site is in) using the Open dialog box.

Whichever file you select, the Optimize dialog box will appear (Figure 5.55). This presents options for optimization. If you already know how to work with Fireworks, complete the optimization as you already would. If you need help deciding how to optimize the file, see the next section, Image Optimizing Details.

Figure 5.55. The Optimize window in Fireworks offers many tools for shrinking the size of your image.

When you're done with the file, click Update. The Optimize dialog box will close. When you return to Dreamweaver, your new, smaller file will appear in the Document window.



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