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Find and Replace

Dreamweaver can search your document and locate a particular piece of text. It can also replace one text string (a bunch of characters, whether they're code or words) with another.

To find text in the current page

With a page displayed in the Document window, choose Edit > Find and Replace from the menu bar, or press Ctrl+F (Command+F). The Find and Replace dialog box will appear (Figure 8.85).

Figure 8.85. Type the text you want to find in the Search For text box.

Make sure Text is selected in the Search drop-down menu. (See the upcoming sidebar to search for HTML tags or other source code.)

Type what you're looking for in the Find text box. This can be a whole word, a phrase, or part of a word. (You can also search for numbers or IDs that combine letters and numbers.),

To look for a particular case pattern (upper or lower), place a check mark in the Match case checkbox. (Check this box if you want to, for instance, search for Mark but not mark. Leaving this unchecked would ignore case and find MARK, MArk, marK, and so on.

To look for text and ignore spacing differences (e.g., to find both “tophat” and “top hat”), place a check mark in the Ignore whitespace checkbox.

You can type in just part of your string to find anything that matches your search text. Type cup to find buttercup, cupcake, hiccupping, and so on. To restrict your search to only your exact word (the word cup, in our case), check the Match whole word checkbox.

✓ Tip

  • For details on searching more than one page at a time or searching code, see the sidebar Seek and Ye Shall Find, later in this section.

Click Find Next. If Dreamweaver finds what you're looking for, it will highlight the text in question on the current page, in Code or Standard view. (If you don't see your result highlighted, first try moving (the Find and Replace dialog box out of the way).

Click Close to close the Find and Replace dialog box, or Find Next to find the next instance.



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