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Chapter 15. Filling Out Forms > Hidden Form Fields

Hidden Form Fields

Besides the regular widgets you can use on a form, you can place hidden form fields in the code so that some fixed information is passed along with the rest of the data. This information might include the URL of the form, the version of the form, or any other information you want to receive with the form results.

To create a hidden form field

Click to place the insertion point at the place on the form where you want the invisible field to be inserted.

To Go Button or Not to Go Button?

In the Insert Jump Menu dialog box, there's a checkbox marked Go Button. If this box is unchecked and the jump menu is a drop-down menu, the browser will jump to the page as soon as the visitor has made a selection from the menu.

If you check the Go Button checkbox (which you must do if you're using a list box as opposed to a drop-down menu), the automatic action will be replaced by a button users can click when they're done choosing (Figure 15.52).

Figure 15.52. You can add a Go button, pictured here, by checking the Go Button checkbox in the Insert Jump Menu dialog box, which we saw in Figure 15.48.

Unfortunately, unless you use behaviors, you can't add a Go button after you close the Insert Jump Menu dialog box, but you can delete it if you don't want it anymore.

One rule of thumb is this: If your jump menu lists many, many options, you may want to make the menu into a list box and include a Go button, because it's very easy to accidentally select an item from a long menu—and when selecting from an automatic menu, users can get whisked away to a page they didn't wittingly choose. You can safely go with a drop-down for menus with just a few items, say five or fewer—the user's choice will tell the browser to open the page for the selected menu item regardless of the appearance of a Go button.

From the menu bar, select Insert > Form > Hidden Field.


Click the Hidden Field button on the Forms category of the Insert bar, or drag the button to the page.

If you have Invisible Element viewing turned on, a Hidden Field icon will appear .

Type the value of the hidden field in the Value text box in the Property inspector.

Type a name for the hidden field in the Name (unlabeled) text box.



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