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Chapter 4. Editing Code > The Tag Inspector Panel

The Tag Inspector Panel

You can view and edit the attributes for the tags on your page using the Tag Inspector panel (Figure 4.82). Select a tag, and its attributes can be viewed either alphabetically, as in Figure 4.82, or by categories, as in Figure 4.83.

Figure 4.82. The Tag inspector panel displays attributes for the selected tag. This is the alphabetical list view.

Figure 4.83. I collapsed all the TABLE tags so that I can see what other tags are on my page.

This panel has changed significantly since the last version of Dreamweaver MX. Previously, the Tag Inspector panel provided a hierarchical tree view of every single tag on your page, and you could edit the tags as well as the attributes. In MX 2004, you see only the attributes for the selected tag. To select a different tag, click on it in the Document window or the Tag selector.

To view the Tag Inspector panel

  • From the menu bar, select Window > Tag Inspector, or press F9.

To examine attributes

  • On the Tag Inspector panel, press the Show Category View or Show List View button to change the display.

  • When you're in Category view, you can expand a category to read attributes arranged under common-sense topics.

To edit attributes of the selected tag

  • To add a value for an attribute, click to the right of the attribute and type a new value (Figure 4.84) or, where a menu appears, select one (Figures 4.85 and 4.86).

    Figure 4.84. Here, I've filled in a few more attributes. Selected is the space to the right of background—I can type the location or click the Browse or Point to File buttons to select a background file.

    Figure 4.85. When I click next to align, I can type an attribute or select it from the menu that becomes available.

    Figure 4.86. Those white boxes next to color choices are Color Picker buttons.

✓ Tips

  • The Behaviors panel in the Tag Inspector panel group is used to modify Dream weaver's JavaScript widgets. These are described thoroughly in Chapter 16.

  • The Relevant CSS panel in the Tag Inspector panel group is a shorthand way to edit Cascading Style Sheets. Using this panel is discussed in Chapter 11, although the idea is the same: simply adjust the listed attributes assigned to the selected tag or class entity.

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