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Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

File MenuWindowsMac
New Movie N N
New Cast N N
Open O O
Save S S
Import R R
Export R R
Publish as a Shockwave movie S S
Preview Shockwave movie in BrowserF12F12
Page Setup P P
Exit/Quit F4See Director Menu
Edit MenuWindowsMac
Undo Z Z
Repeat Y Y
Cut X X
Copy C C
Paste V V
Duplicate D D
Select All A A
Find Text F F
Find Handler ; ;
Find Cast Member ; ;
Find Selection / (forward slash) / (forward slash
Find Again F F
Replace Again E E
Edit Sprite Frames ] ]
Edit Entire Sprite [ [
Exchange Cast Members E E
Launch External Editor , ,
Preferences USee Director Menu
View MenuWindowsMac
Next Marker right arrow right arrow
Previous Marker left arrow left arrow
Zoom in + +
Zoom out - (minus) - (minus)
Show Grid G G
Snap to Grid G G
Show Guides D D
Snap to Guides G G
Show Info O O
Show Paths H H
Sprite Toolbar (Score must be selected) H H
Control Toolbar (Stage must be selected) H H
Keyframes K K
Full Screen 1 1
Insert MenuWindowsMac
Keyframe K K
Insert Frame ] ]
Remove Frame [ [
Modify MenuWindowsMac
Cast Member Properties I I
Cast Member Script ’ (apostrophe) ’ (apostrophe)
Sprite Properties I I
Sprite Script ’ (apostrophe) ’ (apostrophe)
Tweening B B
Movie Properties D D
Movie Casts C C
Font T T
Paragraph T T
Lock Sprite L L
Unlock Sprite L L
Join Sprites J J
Split Sprite J J
Extend Sprite B B
Bring to Front up arrow up arrow
Move Forward up arrow up arrow
Move Backward down arrow down arrow
Send to Back down arrow down arrow
Tweak K K
Control MenuWindowsMac
Play P P
Stop . (period) . (period)
Rewind R R
Step Forward right arrow right arrow
Step Backward left arrow left arrow
Loop Playback L L
Volume: Mute M M
Toggle Breakpoint K
Watch Expression W
Ignore Breakpoints I
Step Script down arrow
Step into Script right arrow
Run Script up arrow
Recompile All Scripts C
Window MenuWindowsMac
Toolbar B B
Tool Palette 7 7
Behavior Inspector ; ;
Property Inspector S S
Text Inspector T T
Align K K
Stage 1 1
Control Panel 2 2
Markers M M
Score 4 4
Cast 3 3
Paint 5 5
Vector Shape V V
Text 6 6
Field 8 8
Shockwave 3D W W
RealMedia Y Y
Color Palettes 7 7
Video Panel Group (with QuickTime tab selected) 9 9
Script 0 (zero) 0 (zero)
Message M M
Object Inspector ` (back single quote) ` (back single quote)
Director Menu (Mac only) Mac
Hide Director  H
Hide Others  H
Quit Director  Q
Preferences  U
Help MenuWindowsMac
Director Help



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