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Chapter 2. Assembling Casts > Importing PowerPoint Files

Importing PowerPoint Files

Director for Windows includes an Xtras tool for importing presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint. When you import a PowerPoint file, Director brings in the presentation in a form as true to the original as possible. Director imports the artwork, transitions, and text as cast members and converts each slide to a section in the Score. PowerPoint build effects and any tempo changes also go into the Score. You can play the presentation as imported or enhance it by adding interactivity, animations, and other Director effects.

To import a PowerPoint presentation (Windows only):

In Director, choose File > New > Movie.

You must create a new movie to import a presentation.

Choose Xtras > Import PowerPoint File (Figure 2.31).

Figure 2.31. To import a PowerPoint file, use the Xtras menu—not the File menu, as you would for other types of imports.

Choose a PowerPoint file and click Open.

The PowerPoint Import Options dialog box appears (Figure 2.32).

Figure 2.32. The PowerPoint Import Options dialog box.

Enter a value for Slide Spacing to specify the number of blank frames to allow between each pair of slides in the Score.

Specify the Minimum Slide Duration, which is the minimum number of frames a slide occupies in the Score.

If the presentation has build effects other than fly effects, enter a value for Item Spacing to specify the number of frames allocated for each item.

Specify Fly Transition Item Spacing, which is the number of frames between keyframes.

Click Import (Figure 2.33).

Figure 2.33. If the screen size of the PowerPoint presentation is different from the Stage size in your Director movie, Director will display this dialog box after you click Import. (To adjust the Stage size, see “To change the size and location of the Stage” in Chapter 9.)

Several progress bars indicate that the PowerPoint file is being converted to Director format. The text, images, and other elements of the PowerPoint presentation appear as individual cast members in the Cast window, and the presentation itself is mapped out in the Score.

Play the movie.

If necessary, import the movie again with different settings.



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