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Flash Text

You can use the Macromedia Flash engine to embed Flash Text into your Web page. Flash Text offers three features: You can include non-standard fonts on your page without using an image editing program; you can set custom colors for the text and, if you like, a rollover color; and your Flash Text object can act as a link to another page or file.

To add Flash Text to a page:

Create a new page in Dreamweaver and save it


Open an existing page in Dreamweaver.

You can add Flash Text only to pages that are already saved, because Dreamweaver needs to know where to put the SWF file that contains the Flash Text.

Important: For the links in Flash Text to actually work, they must use document-relative links, and the Flash Text SWF files must live in the same folder as the page they’re on.

From the menu bar, select Insert > Interactive Images > Flash Text.

The Insert Flash Text dialog box will appear (Figure 18.1).

Figure 18.1. The Insert Flash Text dialog box lets you format the text.

In the Text text box, type the text you want to appear.

From the Font drop-down menu, select the font you wish to use for your text. (Leave the Show Font checkbox checked to get a preview of your formatting.)

Specify the size, style, and alignment using the standard controls.

Select a color for the text.

If you want to use a rollover color when the user mouses over the object, pick a different color using the Rollover Color color box (Figure 18.2).

Figure 18.2. If you want the text to react to the mouse, you can add a rollover color.

If you want the Flash Text object to be a link, you can specify the destination of the link, and the target frame or window, if any, in the Link text box and Target drop-down menu, respectively.

You should use document-relative links or full URLs here, or one of two things may happen: You’ll get an error message telling you not to use site-root relative links; or your link data may be erased from the SWF file when you close the Flash Text dialog box.

You can specify a background color for the text in the Bg Color text, if your page is a color other than white. (For an exact match, you can use the eyedropper tool to click on your page background, or anything else on your desktop.)

Finally, specify the filename that Dreamweaver assigns to the text, as well as the location, in the Save As text box.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

The Flash Text object will appear on the page (Figure 18.3).

Figure 18.3. The text appears with full formatting in Design view...

To see the text react to the mouse, in the Property inspector, click on the Play button (Figure 18.4).

Figure 18.4. ...but you need to tell Dreamweaver to play the rollover in the Document window. (It’ll be turned on automatically in the browser.)



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