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Chapter 2. Setting Up Dreamweaver MX > Using the Bindings Panel

Using the Bindings Panel

A database can contain lots of different kinds of information, but you generally only want a small part of that information on a particular page. To identify only the data you need and grab it from your database, you need to create a recordset (also called a query). You can find more detailed information about database concepts and terminology in Chapter 3.

To add a recordset to a page:

In the Bindings panel, click on the Options menu button and choose Recordset (Query) from the menu (Figure 2.28).

Figure 2.28. To add a recordset, click the menu control button in the upper left of the Bindings panel.

Give your recordset a descriptive name (don’t use spaces or non-alphanumeric characters) (Figure 2.29).

Figure 2.29. Name your recordset, but be careful not to use spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.

Choose a database connection from the Connection drop-down menu (Figure 2.30).

Figure 2.30. In the Connections drop-down menu, you’ll find a list of connections you’ve defined for this site.

Choose a table from the Table drop-down menu (Figure 2.31).

Figure 2.31. In the Table drop-down menu you’ll find a list of the tables in the database you’ve chosen to connect to.

The default query is to select all columns for all records. To restrict your query, refer to Talking to a Database in Chapter 3.

Click Test to verify that your query is valid.

If your query is valid you will see a simple spreadsheet-like view of the data in your recordset result (Figure 2.32). Note that you can have a valid query that returns no records.

Figure 2.32. When you click the Test button you can see the results of your query laid out in a spreadsheet format.

Click OK.



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