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Chapter 11. Code Editing Tools - Pg. 188

188 Chapter 11. Code Editing Tools Dreamweaver MX is a full-fledged text and code editor. It works with you, whether you like to code by hand or whether you prefer mostly sticking to the WYSIWYG environment and tweaking your code every once in a while. You can open and edit not only HTML and XML in Dreamweaver MX, but XHTML, plain text, Java- Script, CSS, and nearly any other kind of text file, including the server document types described in Chapter 1 and the rest of the first half of the book. In this chapter, we first look at Dreamweaver's Document window, where you have a number of options for viewing your pages. You can view them in Design view, which is how the browser sees it; Code view, which displays the code; or Split view, which lets you see both views at once. You can also float a Code inspector window. Selections in any of these views show you the code in one place and the objects in another. In Design view, you can use the Insert toolbar, the Property inspector, and the Quick Tag editor to modify your page.