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Chapter 1. About Dynamic Content > Choosing an Application Server - Pg. 7

About Dynamic Content 7 · ASP.NET is part of Microsoft's newer .NET Framework for defining and accessing Web services. Web services provide a way of accessing the dynamic content of one site from an entirely dif- ferent site. Using Web services you could, for example, make the product information from your database available to the Web sites of several different sales partners. Dreamweaver gives you the choice of generating ASP.NET code in Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) or C# languages. For more information about Web services, see Chapter 9, Web Services and ColdFusion Compo- nents. Tip · Open-source software is software whose source code is not owned by a corporation and therefore can be changed, legally, by anyone. (On the other hand, if you find a bug in your copy of a commercial software product, it would be a violation of your license agreement for you to hack into the source code and fix it yourself.) Linux is an open- source operating system, Apache is an open-source Web server package, and Mozilla is an open-source browser. In the open-source community, many programmers and engineers help to design, build, and fix products that are not only free in the monetary sense but free in the information-sharing sense. Anyone with the know-how can modify, share, sell, or create their own versions of open-source software. Choosing an Application Server Setting up and running an application server can be a daunting process. Fortunately, an application server is probably already available to you, so you may not need to start from scratch. Your options depend entirely on whether you're hosting your Web site with a service provider or administering your own server.