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Venture capital: investment funds for high-risk start-up and small businesses with significant potential for growth.

verification message

A verification message email is required to ensure a double opt-in process for subscription services. The verification message informs the receiver that their email address was presented as part of a subscription process. It requests the receiver to reply to the email or click a link to confirm that the receiver does indeed want to subscribe to the said service, or to do neither if they do not wish to subscribe. A verification message ensures that a person is not maliciously subscribed to a service by a third party.

See also [double opt-in]
See also [subscription-based publishing]

vertical portal

See [vortal]
viral marketing

Like traditional word of mouth, viral marketing promotes the brand not through direct in-your-face marketing but through getting customers/ readers to positively recommend the brand/product.

An email newsletter is an example of viral marketing if it contains content that readers will quote from and/or pass on to other people they know. Another example of viral marketing is the "email to a friend" facility on a website.

Two classic examples of viral marketing were applied by the Yahoo website and the Blair Witch Project film. In the early years, Yahoo spent little or nothing on marketing or advertising. Word of mouth (word of mouse) spread the Yahoo name as people told their friends about the website. With Blair Witch, a website was created that sought to turn fiction into fact. Fans started sending emails to their friends and before long there was a whole communication phenomenon going on.

Viral marketing faces increasing difficulties in an information-overloaded Internet. More than ever, it depends on a “compelling reason to communicate.” Yahoo succeeded because it was the first quality website directory. What cemented the viral marketing approach for Yahoo was that millions of websites created links to the Yahoo website because they felt it was a useful resource. Linking is a key component in viral marketing and acts as embedded word of mouth.

See also [links]
See also [getting linked]


A virus contains hidden code that is spread by a host program. It can be harmless but annoying, or quite destructive. One thing to remember about viruses spread by email messages is that they cannot be spread by simply receiving the mail, you need to open the attachment to spread it. So don’t open an attachment unless you know the sender and know for sure that it is from the sender. Even then, be careful, be mindful that some viruses, such as the Love Bug, can come from the mailbox of somebody you know. If in doubt, send them an email first to enquire whether the attachment is actually from them.

See also [Love Bug]


A single access of a website by a reader.


Somebody who visits a website over a defined period. A visitor may have visited a website a number of times during this period. A unique visitor counts as a particular visitor only once, no matter how many times they have come back during the period in question.

See also [unique visitor]


Also known as a vertical portal, a vortal is a portal website that provides comprehensive information to a specific industry or interest group.

See also [portal]



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