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Style Definitions

Now, at last, we come to the section of the chapter where I describe the style attributes you can use in your custom styles. There are eight different categories of custom styles in Dreamweaver, each of which contains several different single attributes you can apply to a block of text. The categories are:

  • Type attributes (Figure 11.68), which refer to font formatting, such as font face, font size and color, and weight and style.

    Figure 11.68. All the attributes you could ever want, eight categories high.

  • Background attributes (Figure 11.69), such as background color and image, which can be applied either to a text block or to the <body> tag to control an entire page.

    Figure 11.69. If you change text colors using style sheets, you can also modify the page background. That way, users with 3.0 or earlier, non-CSS browsers will see one complete color scheme, and 4.0 or later browsers will display another.

  • Block attributes (Figure 11.70), which control the spacing and shape of text. Alignment and indent are block attributes.

    Figure 11.70. Block attributes allow for more typographic control, such as indents and line wrapping (white space).

  • Box attributes, which are applied to the box that surrounds a block element, and can also be applied to <span> selections. Box attributes include padding and margin controls to shape the space.

  • Border attributes, which are a subset of box attributes. Border attributes can make the usually invisible box around a style box visible with borders and colors.

  • List attributes, which affect the formatting of ordered and unordered lists, including the appearance of the numbers or bullets.

  • Positioning controls, which allow you to determine the location of elements on the page. (Because there are so many, and because this chapter is quite long enough already, I discuss positioning in the next chapter.)

  • Extensions to style sheets, which are generally unsupported by current browsers, although some visual effects are supported by IE 4 and 5 and by Netscape 6.



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